Previous Sermons

At the recent congregational meeting, the members of our church voted to support our involvement in Don’t Shoot, the City of Peoria’s efforts to end gun violence in the city.  What does this mean for us?  What effect can I, or our congregation, have on such an issue?  In this service, we will explore how our Universalist faith in love connects us to Don’t Shoot Peoria, gun violence, and the work of justice.

    Valentine’s Day has passed, but the importance of love in our lives and the world shall never fade.  What is love?  From the science to theology, we will consider this question and reflect on the presence of love in our lives.

Believe it or not, Biblical interpretation is crucial to the beginnings of Unitarianism in America.  How can the Bible still be relevant for Unitarian Universalists?  Maybe we can use some of our history to shed new light on our present.

Each of our lives is shaped by boxes of various sizes and shapes, those we create for ourselves, those created by others for us, and those in which we put people we know and meet.  These boxes are necessary to make sense of the world, but we must take care with how we use them, as well.  In this service, we will consider all of our boxes and our relationships to them.

In this service, I will share some of what I learned in a global justice trip to Chiapas, Mexico in 2012.  How does the global economy affect people so far away?  Let’s explore the connections among us, the land, and other global citizens.